Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery- Before and After Photos


Many people, especially women would want to have a youthful appearance for as long as possible. Unfortunately, that is not how life is. As we grow old, our appearance change; the body, particularly the face, will show signs of aging. As for Olivia Newton John, it seems undeniable to say that she did not have any enhancement of her face.

It looks like she has undergone procedures which include injections of facial fillers, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery on her upper and lower eyelids, facelift, dermal injections, brow lift, Botox injections as well as lip implants. (more…)

Awful Plastic Surgery – You Might Don’t know Already (Photos Included)


It is a common knowledge that many Hollywood stars have undergone and several others are still undergoing plastic surgeries. While there are many celebrities who have received better results, there are also many celebrities whose results backfired on them and brought out the worst possible results. People should have known that while a surgery may make your appearance some good, it can also harm to how you would look like after the procedure. True enough, there are lots of celebrities who have had an awful plastic surgery. When you decide to undergo a plastic surgical  procedure, you know that anything could happen. (more…)

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery – Was it a Success?


If you will compare how Raquel Welch looks before she had done the procedure with how she looks now, you will definitely see the big difference especially at her age of 72 years.  Many people believe that she really had done enhancements on her appearance because she does not have any clear signs of aging like wrinkles or even at least some fine lines on her face. It is speculated that she could have had a procedure on face lifting with filler injections in the form of Botox or any other similar procedure. The speculation was so strong because of her age, her face to look so shining and real smooth is so unnatural.


Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery


For somebody who is still young to have undergone cosmetic surgery is somewhat a puzzle for some. Frances Bean Cobain has been speculated to have undergone several cosmetic surgeries already.

Speculations spread by the media about her supposed several cosmetic surgeries seemed to be true. But what is great to know is that these procedures did not result in disaster but brought out better. Most likely, it can be said that Frances has undergone three different procedures which are actually noticeable and seem like flawless enhancements made on her.


Vanna White Plastic Surgery

Vanna White has joined the wagon of celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery. And fortunately for her, the procedure went well. She looks more youthful after the surgery. Vanna White is an actress and a host of the popular wheel of fortune. As she gets older, it has become a pressure for her to stay looking young so she opted to go for a plastic surgery.


She has chosen to have a facelift.  The process went well with much caution and proper calculations. She has made a huge investment in her facial appearance because she really wanted to look her best. From the photos that she had before and after the procedure, you can see that her investments are worth it. The result was successful and she got what she wanted. At her age when the wrinkles and fine lines should have been noticed, they are now not found. (more…)

Beyoncé Plastic Surgery & Nose Job Before and After Photos


Many celebrities, actors, singers and other known personalities do undergo plastic surgery for many reasons. But the most common is to maintain a youthful look. This does not exclude Beyoncé Knowles. The media have been interested in this surgery and enhancement issues so you know how popular Beyoncé is. It is believed that she had undergone a number of surgical procedures.

 If you compare how she looks now and how she looked like several months ago, you will see many differences in terms of her appearance. It has been very clear how her looks have changed every time she goes out in public, there is something different with her looks. She has undergone several upgrades in her body. These include:

 Nose job 

Beyoncé seemed to have undergone rhinoplasty. While her nose seemed to look not proportional, her new nose seems to be slimmer, sharper, more refined with a slightly narrow bridge.


Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


A Hollywood star undergoing plastic surgery is just a common thing. Many celebrities, especially those who are getting older and who are not contented with what they have, often choose to undergo a surgical procedure. Nevertheless, while they spend huge amounts of money to look better or restore their youthful appearance, some celebrities find themselves in a terrible mistake that instead of looking good, they look like a total disaster. And a great example of these failed procedures is the surgery Melanie Griffith has undergone.


Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures


As an advocate for natural beauty, it came out to be a shock and a disappointment to many people including her fans to hear that she too has undergone plastic surgery. It becomes ironic that she, as an advocate for natural beauty would undergo a procedure that contradicts her advocacy, doing plastic surgery. People think she had enhancement on her chin. She had always been vocal about how she would preserve the beauty that God gave to her and that there are a lot of natural ways to enhance your beauty.  People think she has been a hypocrite now that had plastic surgery. Of all people, why would someone advocating for natural beauty has undergone plastic surgery? It just contradicted what she actually had been advocating before.


Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos


The transformation of Kerry Washington, not on her career but on her looks, has been among the favorite topics of some people. They know there was something that has changed on her face. While she used to be cute looking before, now she looks more mature. The procedures done on Kerry Washington looked just naturally. Her plastic surgery begins to take public attention. Kerry Washington had a number of plastic surgery procedures done.


Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Many celebrities are into plastic surgery when as a matter of fact that they do not really need any. Most celebrities look great naturally. But it seems that that want to keep that youthful beauty that as time went on, they tend to look and grow old, they do not want the change and so, they turn to plastic surgery so they could always look beautiful and youthful. Among these celebrities is Anna Faris.

 While Hollywood is full of gossip, many fans get interested finding out what their favorite celebrities have been up to every now and then. Anna Faris is not an exception to this. Her surgery issue began circulating within the industry as some reports say that she underwent plastic surgery. Others however, believe that it is just a new make-up technique that she has been using.

Anna Faris Boob Enhancement

She now seems to look different as her eyes look more awake and her lips are fuller, they look very shapely now, particularly the upper lip when she used to have an almost like a straight line. Her eyebrows seemed to have undergone a lift surgical procedure. And these enhancements contribute to her total new look.